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In 1992
bravely start business in Tianjin.
In 1993
built the first project---Xiaoyuan commercial-residential building.
In 1996
built the first high-rise building-----Hongze Building.
In 1997
 passed ISO9002 quality assurance system certification.
In 1998
built the factory building of Hua Yuan Industrial Park.
In 1999
Residential building of Houtai University South Road built by us was award the “One Hundred Dwellings Demonstration Project” Project.
In 2000,
South Teaching Building of Tianjin University lf Technology Built by us became the first national users’ satisfaction prize project of the company.
In 2002
the group moved to Kexin Villa; in October, mathematician Shiing-Shen Chern wrote Orchid Pavilion to give it to general manager Li Lanzhen.
In 2005
the first real estate development project “Qingxin Gardern” of the project stroke a pose on the stage; in April, Jinshao Express published. In November, Personalized commemorative stamps and first-day cover of Shiing-shen Building of Nankai University designed and issued by us were formally published.
In 2006
the group concluded the 1281 acres land development cooperation agreement in Jixian with Tianjin Guorong Fengye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd and started the Tianyi. Green Sea project.
In 2007
the group passed the application of first-class contracting construction company of housing project construction. In April,the group moved to intelligent modern office building-----Tianye Building; its subordinate Xianfeng Hotel formally started business outside. The 15th anniversary celebration for establishment and glory of the group was held and the original vice-minister of National Ministry OF Construction i.e. Li Zhendong was present at the anniversary. The first quality standards of such technology as civil engineering, water and electricity, fitting-out and plastic-steel, etc were issued.
In 2008
the group established the board of directors; in May, the group donated RMB2,360,000 for Wenchuan Earthquake. In the asme year,” Tianyi Female Club”, Tianyi Property Management and Shenzhen branch office formally established.
In 2009
the foundation stone laying ceremony of the first foreign project i.e. Shenzhen Research Institute Building of Chinese University of Hong Kong of the group was held; in May,Tianyi Forest Valley had its grand opening and this project was marked as one of the city landmark in 2010 in Tianjin; in October,the group established “Tianyi Talent Fund in Nankai University”; in November, the group got 1000 acres land in Xiqing Zhongbei Town with the amount of 2.76 billion.
In 2010
the Green Ocean real estate established, which opened a new era for the group’s real estate development; in June, the group established “Tianyi Scholarship in economic management of Qinghua University”; in August, Chairman Guo zhongchao was chosen as the 7TH vice-chairman of Tianjin Construction Industry Institute. In September, Premier Wen Jiabao visited 668 project built by us. The green sea real estate won the grneral naming rights of 2010 Summer Davos. In December, the newly built project of Tianjin Central Hospital of Gynecology Obstetrics won Luban Prize.
In 2011
the municipal enterprise technology center of the group passed the evaluation; in September,the Green Belief of the Green Ocean real estate opened; in December, the Public Library Project of Tianjin Haihe Educational Park won Luban Prize and the 668 project and Emperor Place of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation won national engineering award.
In 2012
the BT project of Jixian People’s Hospital was formally started. In February, Thailand Congress President and the Speaker of the House of Commons i.e.Somsak meet the president of our group Guo Zhongchao,etc. In April, Jia Qinglin,Chairmqn of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, met Li Lanzhen, the honorary advisor of Thailand Congress President and the president of our group.
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