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President Remarks

Reaching at 20 with harvest
Tian Yi is the source of water. When water comes together, it brings prosperity. As we come to this dragon year, Tian Yi has walked through a period of 20 years which actually seems like a flash of time.

The east wind blows us mildly into today’s golden age for which we feel so delighted. Even this centuries-old cosmopolis is also rejuvenated by it.

The founders of Tian Yi Construction come to Tianjin from the region known as Wu and Yue, two of the states in the Warring States period about 2500 years ago. Inherited the spirits and talents for which our ancestors are known of, and thanks to the opportunities brought by reform and opening up our business in Tianjin took off rapidly. We worked hard in the sizzling hot and chilling cold days and each of those days composed a line of a rhyming verse. While we worked hard for our growing, we never forget our social commitment. The sea holds the water from all the rivers. The city of Tianjin, a metropolis with hundreds of thousands of businesses, welcomes and helps people from all over the country.

Tianjin, which means ”the king crosses the river”, has a history of 600 years. It is a portal city to the nation’s capital, and was one of the first cities that introduced western ideas into China and constructed port for international trade. In the past 20 years, tens of thousands of our skill workers have carved out innumerous masterpieces and won so many prizes such as the Luban and National Quality awards. The beauty of skill and workmanship has been passed on and we are ready to take off. In the past 20 years, we have constructed hundreds of buildings with tens of thousands of apartments. Talents and ideas from hundreds of enterprises have found their homes at Tian Yi. Everyones from the top executives to the front line workers have innovation in mind, creating harmony between people and the environment. There have been even some moving stories on this. In the past 20 years, we have seen merges in the construction industry. We have grown not only in size but also in our reputation. We constructed first class buildings to meet the high expectation of the public. And by introducing a leading mode in the industry, our value has doubled.

Today, whether you are the northerners or the southerners, everybodies have joined the competition in the market. By watching this, we can see all the heroic qualities. Being ambitious about the future, we are well prepared for whatever rains or storms ahead. With belief in kindness, etiquette, wisdom and integrity, we are also determined to pursue our goals and improve ourselves no matter what suffering we have to go through. We will undertake reform of our company’s structure and transform its operations for more growth. Based in Tianjin, we will also expend our business across the country and go overseas to make new achievements.

As there are still miles of mountains to go through and time is short, we must rush for every minute to get our jobs done. Everyones from the top executives to the front line workers must still make further progress through innovation. The water front of the Haihe river is a fascinating landscape. The environmental friendly Tianjin has started to show its charm. Of the right people, the right place, and the right time , Tianjin has got them all. While people from across the country all have their own superiorities, we have made tremendous achievements for our integrity. Of the heaven, the earth, and the good fortune, we have got them all.

The achievements of tomorrow’s heroes will be more admirable than that of today’s and yesterday’s.

When Tian Yi comes to her 100 years birthday, her reputation will be more recognized all over the country.

Tianyi, going with happy time
In the past 20 years, while our beliefs were getting stronger and the quality of our products was improving, you have been there for us because of love, forcing into new areas with us. In the past 20 years, while we were striving to make progress, you have been there for us because of trust, fulfilling our commitments to each other. In the past 20 years, while we were working hard for innovation and excellency, you have been there for us because of mutual benefits, walking shoulder to shoulder with us. Thank you my friends, thank each one of you for giving us the strength. Looking behind, we are inspired by the achievements we have made. Looking forward, we are more determined to face the challenges ahead. In the last 20 years, our sales record has continuously been broken, our business scope has continuously been expended, and our brand name has comtinuously been upgraded. Now we have got all the best possible results for what we have done. Our time and effort have finally paid off and we feel more than happy about it. Our achievements belong to the past. As time goes, you will see Tian Yi’s confidence in doing things right. As progress is made, you will witness Tian Yi’s determination in getting things done. As cooperation is carried out, you will feel Tian Yi’s sincerity in doing the good things. Based on our strategy of “meticulous management, optimized mechanism and leadship in the industry ”, we will never be negligent in anywhere, never be sluggish at any time, and never give up no matter what. We could not have obtained today’s achievements if without the encouragement and the tolerance from you all, the precise guidance from the industry, and the whold-heart-and-soul devotion of our men and women. Because of our development, we now have a Tian Yi spirit of “pursuing perfection by being strict and serious, making progress with integrity, seeking innovation each every hour, and doing our best to meet the first class standards”. Because of our development, we now have a team of men and women who, loving and dedicated to their jobs, have all the required skills and experiences. Besides love, friendship and solidarity, this remarkable team also has the determination to make innovation. Because of our development, we now have made solid progress in achieving the highest construction quality, developing real estate projects of the highest class, and expending further in investment and financing. Also because of our development, we can breath the air of early morning that brings the changes of entrepreneurship, we can enjoy sun-bathing that brings market facilitation, and we can dance to the rhythm of spring music that brings social progress. Thank you, you are the power house for our eternal progressing!!

The world and national situation has indicated that the most important period of our time has come.For the character of our people and the quality of our products, we have no doubt that our future performance will be more outstanding. Based in Tianjin, we will be expending our business across the country and go overseas. We have a dream of our business venture. We have a passion for our mission. And more importantly, we have a vision of our ambition that is unbelievably beautiful. We can not forget the 20 years of help you have given to us. And I will thank you more for the next 20 years of help you will be giving to us. Our team and I will lppk forward to walking with you hand in hand into the future, whether it will be sunny or rainy. With your help, Tian Yi will sure be growing for the coming centuries. We will be able to make more innovation of our own. There will be stronger solidarity in our people. We will get more trusts from our customers and more positive comments from the public. And we will have more courage to take on responsibilities. Thank you again. We faithfully want to make all the good things eternal!!!

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