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Subordinate Company
Tianjin day Construction Group Co. Ltd. (its predecessor is Shaoxing First Construction Group Co. Ltd. Tianjin Corporation) is a collection of industrial and civil building, decoration, installation, municipal engineering, foundation and foundation, steel structure, architectural landscape, real estate development, mechanical equipment and steel mold steel leasing etc. as a whole, with the completion of the construction area of 2000000 square meters, the enterprise level construction output value more than 4000000000 yuan of the total contract.

Companies follow the "people-oriented, efficient, scientific and standardized work, reach the acme of perfection" management philosophy, and actively implement the brand strategy, striving for quality engineering. Since 1992, into Tianjin construction market, completed hundreds of building and decoration engineering successively, won the national high quality project "Luban Award", the national customer satisfaction engineering, Tianjin city quality engineering "Haihe Cup", Tianjin city quality engineering, Tianjin residential demonstration project, Tianjin municipal civilized model site, Tianjin Municipal civilization site etc. national and Provincial Quality Engineering Award, civilization site title 50.

The organization is reasonable, quality, environment, occupation health and safety assurance system and economic accounting system and the various rules and regulations perfect, strong technical force, all kinds of equipment. At present, all serving management personnel 639 people, among them 65 middle-level leadership, management, 573; in the senior title of technical personnel 197 people, primary title of technical personnel 442 people; 12 people master, doctor degree, 188 degree, 117 degree, 321 degree Colleges under reasonable structure, the formation of the employees.

Tianjin day construction group limited company to strictly abide by the "quality first, refine on, sincere service, customer first, cleaning up the environment, protect the health, pay attention to safety, prevention, treatment, according to the sustainable development of enterprises" management approach, the construction of each project through the planning, process control, strictly, late services, summary reflection, continuous improvement process. The company will continue to "Tianyi construction, day, the pursuit of excellence, cooperation and win-win" business purposes, the spirit of "development philosophy, integrity, create a harmonious, natural", always persist firmly in pursuit of progress and development of enterprise, is committed to first-class engineering, first-class service, first-class enterprise, completed a project, to build a monument, to open up a market, make a friend.

Company address: Tianjin Huayuan new technology industrial park welcome channel block A No. 148
Postal Code: 300384
Tel: 022-23858688
Fax: 022-23858881
E-mail: webmaster@tianyijianshe.com
Company address: http://www.tianyijianshe.com | http://www.tianyijianshe.cn

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