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Subordinate Company
Tianjin City expedition Decoration Industry Co. Ltd. Tianjin day Construction Group Co. Ltd. subsidiary, located in Tianjin city, Nankai District Huayuan Industrial Park Lily court 24, the company was founded in April 30, 1999, the registered capital of 8000000 yuan, to the processing, manufacturing, sales: plastic doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and wholesale and retail: building materials, decoration materials.

Company address: Tianjin Huayuan new technology industrial park welcome channel block A No. 148
Postal Code: 300384
Tel: 022-23858688
Fax: 022-23858881
E-mail: webmaster@tianyijianshe.com
Company address: http://www.tianyijianshe.com | http://www.tianyijianshe.cn

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