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Xianheng hotel was founded in the Qing Emperor Guangxu years, Jia Wu (1894) was the Lu Xun family run a small hotel, which has a history of more than 100 years. As a famous old chinese. "Xianheng" two words "I Ching - Kun" original "Xianheng of materials" means everything is beautiful. "Xianheng" refers to: to complete together, less long-chatham collection, everything goes well and smoothly., financial Shunda meaning. Xianheng service trademark was identified as "a well-known trademark in china".

Xianheng hotel in the Shaoxing history culture, Lu Xun culture essence, the ancient history, culture and local folk customs features com., has its unique advantages and charm. In recent years, Xianheng hotel opened the first chain semicolon in Tianjin, expand the traditional restaurants across the development pace. Successively in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Henan, Jiangxi Province, the city opened 21 chain semicolon, achieved good operating results.

Xianheng Hotel Tianjin semicolon because of its strong local conditions and customs, unique flavor, food, enthusiasm and meticulous service and well received by consumers, in order to better display the Shaoxing water village style and characteristics of traditional food, create better dining environment, Tianjin Xianheng hotel will create a good atmosphere for consumers.

Today the Hotel Tianjin semicolon superior geographical position, convenient transportation, the environment elegant, with more than 500 seats, nearly thirty luxury boxes. Hotel in Shaoxing "water culture" as the basic elements, fully embodies the "drunk" as the main content, culture, co-ordinate the overall environment.
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