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Tianyi . Green Sea
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[Floor area] 660,000 square meters

[Project location] Located in the east of Jingxian Chengguan, hilly land, high in the north and low in the south, its north side is close to Fujun Mountain and its south side is close to the Cuiping Lake

[Form of Building] multifloor, high-rise building, foreign-style house, townhouse, villa

[Awarding] Haihe Cup,, Structural Haihe Cup, municipal civilized worksite, Demonstration Worksite for Application of National High-tech Materials, Tianjin original ecological landscape award, Tianjin best livable building award, Famous building award of the most beautiful county in Tianjin in 2009, China's urban residential new landmark from 2009 to 2010, 2010 real estate innovation summit and glory award of best low carbon buildings

[Project sidelights] Tainyi. Green Sea cooperated with the one hundred thriving enterprise CBRE to build the Chinese happy building through its original ecological planning ideas and mature and perfect star community supporting facilities. The project always ranked stably as the regional market sales champion and entered into the top ten of Tianjin city sales rankings.
1) Tianyi. Green Sea opened grandly with best friends and strong active market.
2) Tianyi. Green Sea enriched the local life through organization of all kinds of activities
3) The county secretary Zhang Jie and the president Guo Zhongchao jointly opened the happy times for Tianyi. Green Sea new residents.
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