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Investment And Fnancing
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2012 is crucial year that the group steadily implements the goals of the twelfth five-year plan on the basis of establishment and perfection of one industry and diversified development pattern. It is also the crucial year for the group to transform and upgrade one industry and diversified development pattern. The appearance of the investment and financing business sector is another new chapter presented after 20 years’ accumulation by Tianyi. A gentleman shall have a timeless principle. Depending on the initial persistent belief and the love to the land of Tianjin, Tianyi will set foot on a new perfect journey.


Based on the advantages of such three main industries as building, real estate and investment, the company can provide such all-around and whole value-chain services as investment and financing, project management, construction and real estate development, etc to the market.


The company adopted the system integrated investment and financing model and with the help of such comprehensive abilities as financing, financial innovation, value judgment and investment control, etc, the company solved project financing, improved efficiency of fund operations, enhanced cash flow management, completed financial product design in the preliminary, middle and later stage of the project and realized optimal allocation of investment and financing in time, space, quantity and price.

Project and equity investment


Project and equity investment mainly includes:BT project investment business, direct equity investment business, long-term equity investment business and investment securities.

Capital operation


Capital operation mailly includes: introduce strategy investors, capital management, establish and manage real estate trust or fund industries and initial floatation of shares or go public through buying. At present, The cooperative partners chosen by the group include: China National Aviation Holding Company and China International Trust and Investment Corporation in building industry; China Real Estate Group and China Resources (Holding) Co., Ltd, etc in real estate field; China Orient Asset Management Corporation, BOC International (China) Limited, Banco Central de Chile and Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, etc in financial field.

Capital strategic planning


At present, the group has established linkage mechanism with the domestic famous colleges and universities and investment banking institutions. Thus, it can timely get the capital market information and strategic management frontier information, which can not only promote the development of the group’s investment business, but can also provide technical support for construction business and the real estate business.

Jixian People’s Hospital


The building area of the BT project of the newly constructed Jixian People’s Hospital totals 110,000 square meters with 10 floors above ground and 1 floor underground. The hospital was built in accordance with the standard of grade Ⅲ general hospital with the project investment of RMB 740,000,000. The project located in Tianjin Jixian.

Tianjin University of Technology

The building area of BT project of the dormitory building of Tianjin University of Technology totals 33,293 square meters with the project investment of RMB 80,000,000. The project locates within the southeast boundary of No.3 higher education area outside the outer ring, Xiqing District, Tianjin. The project construction progress and quality got confirmqtion from the university side and won Haihe Cup.

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